ORM(Online Reputation Management)

Online Reputation Management

Unlock Your Full Business Potential With Our ORM Magic!


Welcome to SharkMondo’s Online Reputation Management Page!  As a top Digital Marketing agency, we understand the importance of ORM is increasing day by day. With ORM, your business takes action against negative claims by addressing them openly and directly.

Why Should You Need to Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation?

There are plenty of things that can negatively affect a brand online. These can be small attacks such as negative comments or low star ratings. If handled quickly by time they will not cause any problem. If they are left unchecked or ignored they can gain momentum and can create big issues related to our brand. Through online reputation management companies can take care of each of these small fires before they create more damage.

1. Respond with empathy and promptly

It means to understand someone’s feeling and mood and reply to them immediately.

First develop your listening skills, try to capture their mood and feeling at that present time and ask questions openly . When you’ll be able to understand someone’s experience and feelings and the same if you want to respond to someone promptly you have to be  properly organised. 


2. Address negativity in right way

It means taking out positive outcome from the negative occurrence, it can be done just by 

– turning negativity into productivity

– create awareness 

– reposition negative statements 

3. Accept your own mistakes

Accepting mistakes is a courageous task . Because the person who can accept their mistake he/ she has the power to bring the change  , accepting your mistakes may not make you feel good but can show that you are compassionate and empathetic and good listeners.


4. Stay on top of your search result

It means that your brand search should always be present on the top . It should be present in the category of most searched keyword that helps to maintain the brand value of the company as well. 

5. Manage your business online reputation automatically

It means that managing the reputation of our company with automation instead of searching manually on websites and social media you can use a simple tool which is Google alerts that will help you to receive notification of media as well as any news on which your brand name is used or combined.