SMS, E-mail & Whatsapp Marketing

SMS, E-mail & Whatsapp Marketing

Unlock Your Business Potential With SMS, E-mail & Whatsapp Marketing Solution.



Welcome to SharkMondo’s SMS, E-mail & Whatsapp Marketing! As a Best digital marketing agency we understand the power of SMS, email, and WhatsApp marketing that basically involves reaching out to targeted audiences or clients through different messaging platforms.

Let’s explore each one:

SMS Marketing

SMS stands for (Short Message Service) marketing which basically involves sending promotional messages by text messages to potential  customers. It is a common method to reach out to targeted clients  because of its simplicity and immediate delivery. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing basically involves sending promotional messages or and more to a list of customers via email. It’s a type of marketing tool used by businesses of all sizes whether it’s small or big to build relationships or to promote products, and more. Effective email marketing based on creating effective content and analysing campaign performance.

Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing mainly involves using the WhatsApp messaging platform in order to share the promotional messages, customer support, or transactional information and  to targeted customers. It can be  personalised and interactive, and more. But it’s essential to respect the users’ privacy and ensure keeping with WhatsApp’s policies.


In Short, SMS, email, and WhatsApp marketing campaigns depend on the understanding of your target audience by providing valuable content, and respecting their preferences. In Addition, SharkMondo staying up-to-date with relevant information about this type of marketing and platform policies is crucial to avoid legal issues and maintain a positive brand image.