Top Techniques Of SMO: To Improve Your Social Media

Social Media Optimization (SMO) basically refers to the concept whose main aim or we can say Purpose is to use social media Platforms to expand the brand’s online Visibility. By using SMO, you can reduce the cost of marketing and strengthen the relationship with your potential customers.

Top Techniques Of SMO

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

SMO is the acronym that basically used to refer to the term of Social Media Optimization. The idea behind using the social networks as a stimulus to increase the brand’s online presence through specific social media optimization techniques. 

In order to understand the concept of SMO, you must keep in mind the extraordinary growth that social networks have shown in recent years. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more in which approx 80% of profiles follow at least one brand account outlet,that increasingly attract investment from companies that see their potential users. 

The most important thing is that, with this growing wave of companies investing in social media in order to reach out their targeted and potential users, Google has also adapted its algorithm to consider the engagement of your page as a main ranking factor. That means that in addition to the traditional SMO techniques, it is now necessary to create content that gains more and more likes and shares & increases brand’s engagement  than its competitors. For this Purpose, Social Media Optimization was developed in order to develop the brand organically.

Some Benefits of social media optimization(SMO)

Here’s are some effective social media optimisation strategies/benefits that can achieve for your online marketing initiatives:

  • Increase your following more quickly.
  • Increase social media reach
  • Become more familiar with your audience
  • Boost the calibre of the leads you get from social media.
  • Increase sales of your goods and services by using social media.
  • Boost the percentage of engagement

Let’s Understand What Are The Main Differences Between SMO, SEO, SEM, and SMM?

If you have reached this point, you already know about the Social Media Optimization concept. Also in this blog, we talked briefly about the fine line between such concepts as SEO, SMM, SEM. There are many different acronyms, you find right?? This state is very common in the field of Digital Marketing also requiring a lot of attention and time. So, before explaining the most effective Social Media Optimization techniques, we will set aside some time to explain the definitions of the key acronyms used in Digital-based marketing.


As we mentioned as one of the important acronyms used in the field of digital marketing ,SEO concerns the set of Practices/techniques that are used to optimise the ranking of a website on SERPs, Search Engine Results Pages. It’s a concept that integrates with the concept of SMO. 


SEM considers a broader scope than the concept of SEO. Search Engine Marketing mainly includes all the techniques i.e.paid or organic – used to optimise search engine results. SEM basically includes practices such as campaigns on Google Ads or sponsored links. 


See, SMM is for SMO as SEM is for SEO. Too complicated right?? Let’s explain!! Remember that Search Engine Marketing has a broader scope than the techniques used in Search Engine Optimization we discussed earlier? So SMM stands for Social Media Marketing and it is considered broader than the concept of SMO. 

So, these acronyms represent all marketing used to boot the social networks, whether it’s organic or paid. The main idea behind SMO is to generate more engagement, relationships with users and more business opportunities.

Let’s Discuss what are the main Social Media Optimization techniques?

Understanding Social Media Marketing (SMO) as a whole is completely meaningless or useless if you don’t know the best methods for putting it??. 

So in Below, you will find some of the best techniques and strategies that you use to get out the best results in optimising social media.

Try to Create engaging content

Getting your content shared is the symbol to increase your post’s reach. So, the creation of valuable content is a strategy that is often adopted by Brands in their digital approaches.

Basically the content should be created according to the targeted audience. That’s Why, Try to focus on meeting the audience’s needs and desires.

Try to Find out the best time to post

One of the other best ways must try to find the best time or days to post on social media channels. Finding the appropriate time or days for  posting on social media platforms is considered one of the other effective strategies, so try to do that! Also you can use a method that makes a list of all your prior posts to get started. Which mainly Include the date, time, and key performance indicators for each post. 

So, If you notice one thing that 7 of your 10 most liked posts on Facebook were posted between the time of 1 pm and 2 pm, So, this is considered as  a good indication of the best times to Upload your posts.

Try to Strategically reuse the content

So, Doing Social Media Optimization(SMO) that also means being smart with your content too, which is already published on your social media channels. Are you aware of content shock ??

Well, The concept of content shock means or showed us that creating top-notch quality material to publish on your social media channels is considered a challenging task.

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to create outstanding posts every day. So, If you want  to reuse your content smartly. For that try changing the infographics and all in the created content. From That way, you better distribute the focus of your content.

Find Out the optimal posting frequency

Well, knowing the right frequency for posting the content to your social media profiles is an essential strategy. Posting too much can exhaust your persona, while a low volume of posting can make you forget.

Also, there is no quick formula for finding the perfect balance between many or few posts, there is only one solution that is to perform tests and analyse more & more tests. During the test you should closely monitor your performance metrics, such metrics as likes, level of engagement, and clicks on your post. 


Lastly, Social media optimization (SMO)refers to a  powerful marketing technique that can help businesses or brands to increase their online visibility, attract more new customers, and build stronger relationships with their loyal followers, and also reduce the cost of marketing.